$275,000 dollar nightmare

November 3, 2011

“You should have known, you should have read the fine print” these words are uttered in back rooms when they should be out in the open.

Recently reported on CNN, a young man who did not understand the ramifications of taking out excessive student loan debt just to attend and graduate from a so called brand name university. “I’ll just deal with it later” says student Ryan Durosky.

Who is at fault here, is it the student who racked up over a quarter million dollars in student debt or is the fault on the University for allowing this to happen. Are universities cold heartless money grubbing machines interested in one thing only, the bottom line?



As college costs continue to skyrocket, we will see more and more stories like the one in this video.

This does not have to happen, if you choose the right college.

One of the biggest mistakes both parents and students make is not starting the college preparation process soon enough. Earlier is always better, 9th or even 8th grade is not too early to start.

You can graduate with no student loan debt, but you must take action now.

The cure is simple. Prepare Position and Package Students for College Success.

Prepare. We help prepare students for college success by helping them understand what is to be expected and help them avoid some of the major hazards.

Position: Through our proprietary College Touch Points procedures, we help students get on the college’s radar so that colleges are more eager to recruit the student and entice the student with scholarships. Positioning also includes, review of parental assets to minimize exposure and capitalize on the most aid available.

Package: Just like a good advertising company that helps develop a hot new brand, your student is properly marketed to appropriate colleges increasing the chance of admission and increasing scholarship and grant eligibility. Parental assets are properly packaged to maximize aid.



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  1. JD, the email is really good…just a heads up-my CNN link didn’t work. I hope things are going great!!!