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Welcome to AZ College Consulting, LLC. J.D. the founder of AZCollegePlanning.com and the New College Readiness Center is seen teaching a class on maximizing financial aid and maximizing scholarships. Click the yellow sign to register for the free workshop.

Our mission and our goal at AZ College Consulting, LLC, the New College Readiness Center is to Package, Prepare and Position Students for College Success.

Prepare. We help prepare students for college success by helping them understand what is to be expected and help them avoid some of the major hazards.

Position: Through our proprietary College Touch Points procedures, we help students get on the college’s radar so that colleges are more eager to recruit the student and entice the student with scholarships. Positioning also includes, review of parental assets to minimize exposure and capitalize on the most aid available.

Package: Just like a good advertising company that helps develop a hot new brand, your student is properly marketed to appropriate colleges increasing the chance of admission and increasing scholarship and grant eligibility. Parental assets are properly packaged to maximize aid.

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We are a local Scottsdale/Phoenix company. We specialize in:

  1. Working with parents who want to send their kids to great colleges (I’ll help your student identify those schools.)
  2. Get your kid into the best college for them. We will properly package your student so that college really do want to recruit your child. Plus we will help your student identify careers so that they won’t be a 6 year college statistic.
  3. We’ll figure out how to pay the least amount as possible for your kid’s college (with packaging, schools are more apt to hand out scholarships and grants, the free money).
  4. AND we’ll help you avoid tapping your retirement funds for college and show you how to increase your overall retirement net-worth, we’ll develop a plan to best cover your college costs by maximizing every angle and strategy.
  5. We will work with the students one on one as well as class room style workshops/boot camps.


Dear Parent,

Hi, I’m J.D. Wyczalek (why-zall-ick) the founder of AZ College Consulting, LLC and AZCollegePlanning.com, the New College Readiness Center .

Navigating the insanely intricate process of getting prepared for college doesn't need to lead to the poorhouse or the asylum.

Too many students (and parents) wait until the last minute causing unnecessary extreme stress and severely limiting the amount of scholarships that the student can receive.

By starting earlier, the process can systematically be spread out over time which will  yield better results. My students start as early as freshman and sophomores in high school and some high achieving students start as early as 7th grade.


Maybe you have heard this incomplete statement. ‘Colleges are looking for a well rounded student’. If that was true then why do so many 4.0 GPA and near perfect SAT/ACT test scores students who have volunteer/charity hours get rejected from top colleges?

It’s because they were not properly packaged, did not utilize all the strategies of Student Positioning and/or applied to the wrong school.

The rewards of college will be enlightening, inspiring and build character in preparing your child for the real world. It’s important to find out early what your child’s goals are and to explore which colleges are going to meet their needs and aspirations—resulting in a higher yield of success.

Planning ahead is essential in providing you and your child with the best options possible. No matter your income level or your child’s grade point average, there are ways to receive thousands of dollars of FREE money for your child’s education.

Take advantage of this program to learn how you are a candidate for receiving money for college. The time to do something is NOW!

The next time you are on an airplane, or see a commercial on TV for an airline, know that every passenger around you paid a different price for their seat. Some paid more, some paid less. College is no different.  In both cases, whether you're buying a plane ticket or paying for college, there are ways to reduce your costs of a college education. We are here to give you that expert advice.

Here is what you need to do next. Browse the website. Read some of the articles that I have written in the Blog section. Answer a few of the SAT Question of the Day in the QOTD section. Check out the testimonials section. And remember, I don’t take everyone on as a client, however, when I do take on a new family, we will do some fantastic things for those families and many times save them thousands of dollars and launch their student into victory!

Contact us, we’re here to help.


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