SAT & Collegeboard change scoring parameters for better

June 26, 2008

Good news for everyone (except current High School Seniors) The College Board announced yesterday that starting in March 2009, SCORE choice will be back! This means that from that point on, anyone who is NOT a senior will be able to pick and choose exactly which SAT I and II tests (subject tests) to send to colleges-- this is incredible for our purpose as there will not be a penalty to take a test for "practice" as no one will see it!

The new score reporting policy will launch in early February 2009. Any student who registers for the SAT after this time will be able to take advantage of this new policy. The new policy allows students to choose which SAT scores are included on score reports. This choice can be applied to tests taken prior to the launch of this new policy.

Special Note for Students who completed a test prior to the launch of this new feature; these students will be able to choose SAT scores from past tests for future score reports once the feature is launched.

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