President Obama college affordability plan

October 17, 2013

President Obama college affordability plan and how to game the numbers to increase your chances of admission and increase possibility of scholarhsip

In a recent address that President Obama made concerning his college affordability plan at the State University of New York in Buffalo, he said

Our first priority is aimed at providing better value for students — making sure that families and taxpayers are getting what we pay for. Today, I’m directing Arne Duncan, our Secretary of Education, to lead an effort to develop a new rating system for America’s colleges before the 2015 college year. Right now, private rankings like U.S. News and World Report puts out each year their rankings, and it encourages a lot of colleges to focus on ways to — how do we game the numbers, and it actually rewards them, in some cases, for raising costs. I think we should rate colleges based on opportunity. Are they helping students from all kinds of backgrounds succeed — (applause) — and on outcomes, on their value to students and parents.

 Well, this is an interesting statement. “to develop a new rating system for America’s colleges…”

It will be interesting to see what criteria are used in this new ranking system.

Many students, parents and counselors use U.S. News and World Report’s Best Colleges edition as reference to help in the college selection. The unfortunate thing is they use this publication incorrectly.

To increase your scholarship potential student should apply to colleges where their (the individual student) will fit into one or more ranked categories that help the college INCREASE their rankings.

Yes colleges “game the numbers” as President Obama states because higher rankings results in higher revenues for the college. When we as students show the college how awesome we are and how we fit into one or more of the ranked categories where our individual numbers will help increase their rankings, the college will be MORE likely to admit that student and in many cases admit that student with SCHOLARSHIPS.

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