Preferential Student Packaging

June 16, 2016

Preferential Student Packaging is a term you must know so you can get all the aid you can get.

Colleges use financial aid to recruit and attract the students they want. This is called preferential packaging, offering more scholarships/grants to the students they want and “gapping” or under-awarding (offering more loans) to the students they really don’t want or don’t care. Read this as a college playing favorites over one student vs. another.  (I’ll show you how to be a favorite!)

Depending on if the student is highly desirable at college A verses college B will determine what type of scholarship package the student is offered.

Too many times students apply to a “reach” college and maybe they get admitted but will most likely not be offered a great scholarship package. This data can be found on the college's common data set.

The key to preferential packaging and getting a great scholarship is properly positioning and marketing the student to the college(s).

It might mean joining an extra club and getting a leadership position in the club. It might translate to taking the SAT or ACT one more time to bump up the score. It certainly means writing a stand out essay and properly demonstrating interest at the college(s).

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