New Deal: Pay more get less from college

November 12, 2009

New deal: Pay more get less from college.

At least that is the trend at some public universities.

Some state universities facing budget cuts are offering fewer classes and raising tuition. The New York Times reported that UCLA, along with other state schools in California and elsewhere, have cut back on classes. (This seems counter intuitive, but that is big government for you!)

According to the New York Times, money woes have impacted course offerings at many flagship universities including the University of Arizona, the University of Wisconsin and the University of Florida.

The 10-campus University of California system has been hit particularly hard year as both endowments and state coffers have been hammered. Federal stimulus funds, in excess of $700 million, are helping to offset a $1 billion gap. The federal money is considered a temporary fix.

Many of the nation’s top public universities are likely to push through large increases in coming years.

At the same time, applications are surging from students seeking a more cost effective alternative to private colleges. According to the Times, many flagship state universities are now attracting wealthier and better-prepared students which is putting some top state schools out of the reach of students who might have gained admission in prior years. This trend has created a new dynamic in colleges’ admissions.

At the same time, some matriculating students are finding it difficult to graduate on schedule because cut backs have made it nearly impossible to enroll in required courses.

original article here: The New York Times

J.D. says: Through proper financial college planning strategies, it is possible to go to an expensive private college for less than a “so-called” cheaper public college. Also with smaller class sizes and a designed curriculum, it is possible to graduate in 4 years instead of 5 or 6. So rethink your numbers a cheaper public school could cost you thousands more than a private college.

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