Harvard student dupes admission directors with faux transcripts

May 19, 2010

By J.D. Wyczalek (why-zall-ick) Founder of AZCollegePlanning.com

College is serious big business and when a student gets caught putting his hand in a cookie jar that he shouldn’t, serious ramifications will result.

The names of the guilty have not been changed, although the accused claims “not guilty”.

  • The crime getting into Harvard with falsified records, fake transcripts, perfect SAT scores and a huge laundry list of accomplishments.

Had Adam Wheeler, the accused, left everything alone he might have gotten away with it. But NO! Not only did he get in with claimed falsified records but he then applied for the Rhodes Scholarship & and the Fulbright Scholarship. It isn’t that he applied for these scholarships; it’s the fact that the essay that he used is someone else’s essay. (Not like that is the first time that has ever happened.)

It is probably the fact that he attempted to pull a fast one over one of the most prestigious colleges in the US while garnering $45,000 in scholarships.

This is a huge swollen black eye for Harvard. How can a kid (he’s 23) finagle and wind his way into the fabric of the poster child college institution, Harvard? And what about the kid who should have legitimately got in but did not because Mr. Wheeler took his (or her) seat?

In 1995 a student from Yale was expelled for false records, in 1992 another student was expelled from Harvard Law School for falsified records. This is nothing new.

What is not reported is what Mr. Wheeler incurred in student loans to attend the college.

Now what is really humorous is the Facebook page “Save Adam Wheeler”.

What saddens me is that hopeful college students have been duped into believing that the more prestigious the college the better your lifestyle, income and career. A student who does his/her due diligence and finds the best fit college for them can be successful in life without racking up tens of thousands of dollars in college loans.

Our specialty at AZCollegePlanning.com is in helping students identify colleges that fit them best and help parents lower their college costs.

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