Flinn Scholarship essay prompts 2020

August 12, 2019

The deadline to apply for the Flinn Scholarship is Monday, September 16, 2019.

The 2020 Flinn Scholarship application is now open. Apply by September 16.

Apply Here https://flinn.org/flinn-scholars/the-scholarship/apply/

Please answer each question with no more than 140 characters.

  1. What will be the title of your autobiography?
  2. If you were given five minutes to present to your peers on a topic about which you're an expert, what topic would you choose?
  3. What do you worry about most?
  4. What is the greatest challenge you face entering college?
  5. If you advance to the interview stage, what one question would you like us to ask you?


Copy and paste your response to each essay into the adjacent box. We encourage you to save your work in a separate document in the event you experience technical difficulties.

Tell us your story. 300-word maximum

Tell us about a time your involvement in a situation or activity positively impacted the outcome. 300-word maximum

Think about your intended career (or a possible career, given your interests). If you sought to mitigate inequity through that career, what would doing so look like? 300-word maximum

Is there any other information that reviewers should know about?
This question is optional. (Max 100 words)

AZCollegePlanning wishes you the best of success!

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