Flinn Scholarship Essay Prompts

September 9, 2015

The 2016 Flinn Scholarship application is now available. The deadline to apply is Sunday, October 18, 2015

Flinn Scholarship is a competitive undergraduate scholarship awarded to approximately 20 of Arizona’s highest-achieving high school students. Full Ride Scholarships are awarded that can be used at any of the in state Arizona colleges.

Students who win this scholarship typically have high GPAs, high SAT and or high ACT scores, leadership and community service. A well thought out and excellent essay is also required. If the student makes it past the first round, successful interviews secure the scholarship.

Please contact us with assistance with the essay and with the interviews.


Flinn essay prompts posted September 2015

Please observe the character and word limits for the short-answer and essay prompts below. Responses are required for all prompts. No outside research or references/bibliographies will be necessary for responses.

Short-Answer Questions

*What is the book--and its author--that has most changed how and what you think? (80 characters)

*Which American woman belongs on Mt. Rushmore? (60 characters)

*What do you wish you were better at being or doing? (60 characters)

*What two adjectives would your friends use to describe you--that you wish weren't true? (60 characters)

*At age 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? (60 characters)



For your response to each essay prompt below, paste the text into the dialog box.

Imagine Arizona 10 years from now. Which significant challenge that you recognize in your state today will have changed for the better? How will that change have taken place? (200 words)

What habit do you have in life that has made the greatest difference in your success? (300 words)

What sets Arizona apart as a state where you can pursue your personal and professional goals? (500 words)


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