Dastardly game colleges play

January 31, 2011

The games colleges play can cause havoc and stress on high school seniors and parents.

One game that our local state college is playing this year is to send out a notice congratulating the student and offering admittance. However the letter goes on to state … to guarantee your spot, mail in a non refundable deposit for $250 within the next 30 days to hold you spot for housing as we can’t guarantee housing…”

Every college knows that May 1st is official notification day, which happens to be on a Sunday this year.

So, colleges know May 1st is decision day but these colleges use carefully crafted words to cause panic in students and parents and try to get them to commit before they have all the facts. AND before other colleges have sent out award letters.

Do not commit to anything before you have all the facts.

Use this as a means to contact the college and then ask them if they can extend the deadline because you have not heard back from every college on your list yet.

You may be surprised what asking can do.

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