Crazy things students do to raise money for college

August 13, 2008

A little business and a little vacation.

Some families ask when is a good time to start preparing for college.

My answer is as soon as possible. A middle school student is not too early to start. I have a High School Sophomore who will be graduating in 2011. We started the planning and positioning process two years ago.

This year as a High School Sophomore we are physically looking at colleges and going on college campus tours. This does two things. First it puts your kids name on the college’s prospective students list. (Colleges like it when you come and visit their campus; it shows that you have interest.) Second it gives your student a feel for the campus and atmosphere especially if there are other hopeful students on the tour as well. At 15 ½ my daughter was the youngest one on the tour and gave her a feel of the “competition”.

So my family and I decided to go to Seattle Washington and “check out” a couple schools as well as get out of the Arizona heat for a few days and tour Seattle.

Seattle is a great place to visit. Pikes Place, University District, Magnolia District Lake Wahington and others. While we were walking around the pier I saw these kids. The picture speaks for itself.


College is expensive. Knowing how to position your student to receive the most financial aid is crucial. Or your kid can do what is pictured above.

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