Colleges will do anything to get your money

February 9, 2012

Colleges will do anything to get your money, including lie, cheat and steal.

In a recent article published February 7th 2012 in the Washington Post, the Claremont McKenna school system was caught falsely inflating SAT scores. ( link to article)

Why would a college do that? The answer: the original sin – greed.

Higher SAT/ACT scores increases rankings in the “Best Colleges” publications. With higher rankings comes more publicity. More publicity results in more people (high school counselors, parents and students) being aware of theses college. More awareness results in more student applications.

This last application season UC Berkeley had over 54,000 students apply at $70 per application. That is a whopping $3,780,000.00. Colleges WANT more students to apply because they will make more money.

Now that you know that colleges do anything (and everything) to increase their rankings, you can position your student with these different colleges. As colleges identify potential college students, they are asking if we recruit this student will it increase our rankings? If the answer is Yes, that is when the magic happens. This is where I come in. We will help identify the right types of colleges for your student.


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