College kids learn from Cardinals win

January 19, 2009

January 18, 2009 The Arizona Cardinals stacked the deck with great plays for a win today.

As a future college student take the example of the Arizona Cardinals. A lot of preparation, training and planning went into todays win. Teamwork as well as good coaching combined with great plays earns the Cardinals the NFC title.

In a few short weeks the Arizona Cardinals will be heading off to the Super Bowl in Tampa Florida.

To equate this to college, the preference is to first choose a career, a major then the college. Planning is essential in choosing the right career for your student. A variety of assessment tools as well as researching individual careers is extremely useful. It may sound like a lot of work but the pay off is incredible. Students who plan tend to graduate in four years as apposed to the average 6-year graduation rate.

The Cardinals put in a ton of work behind the scenes, all that we see is game time results. Hours of practice, reviewing plays and going over strategies paid off for this team.

The same results can happen for your student. Hours of study to increase GPA and SAT or ACT scores can have huge payoffs with scholarships, grants and acceptances to first choice colleges.

So did the Cardinals really stack the deck in their favor? Yes, by diligent work and great coaching. If your student doesnt have a great coach, get one and review the blog here. (Keep your eyes peeled for the brand new website.)

There are two ways to learn the strategies to position your student to be a top college candidate (and no you dont need straight As) one is spend hundreds of hours researching colleges, financial strategies and test taking skills or two, attend one of the free workshops held by local college expert J.D. Wyczalek. Click the RSVP button to check dates and times.

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