ADHD drugs help students stay focused to study

February 5, 2009

by J.D. Wyczalek

Adderall: AKA my study buddy, ralls, bennies, amps, a-bombs, the A train, Addy. Side affects insomnia, vertigo, headache, diarrhea, not hungry and over dose may cause death.
It's an academic steroid running rampant on campuses across the US. It's a huge asset if someone wants to spend 12 hours studying without fatigue. However it is illegal without a prescription.

Adderall is one of several drugs that calm attention deficit disorder patients by stimulating their brains. The drugs activate the frontal lobes of the brain, an area that monitors task performance.
The prescription drugs should be used only as intended and only under medical supervision.

For normal, healthy people who do not have diagnosed attention deficit problems, Adderall can cause emotional and physical strains by making them hyperactive, paranoid and delusional while putting them at risk for heart attacks or strokes. As much as you want to believe it, you are not immortal.

The results of an overdose can vary by person. It can be fatal in extreme cases.

Reselling amphetamines, such as Adderall, is a class B felony.

Any felony will get you kicked out of college and land you in jail. In addition to that you will loose ALL your scholarships and no longer be eligible for ANY financial aid AND you will be forced to pay back all scholarships that you had previously earned. (The FAFSA asks if you have a drug related felony thus rendering you unable to qualify for aid.)

Don’t risk it

You worked hard to get into college. Don’t do something illegal that will get you thrown into prison. Drink a couple cans of Starbucks/Monster/Red Bull or better yet pace your study time out over the semester so you won’t have to pull an all-nighter.  Create a calendar and check off list of all the things due that semester. Create a game plan to win.

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