Academic Pandemic

March 12, 2021

NYU, UCLA, USC, Redlands and many other colleges are planning to bring students back to their campuses for mostly in-person classes for the Fall of 2021.

The areas that were hit harder by the pandemic who are planning to return back to somewhat semblances of normal are an indication of what other colleges across the nation may also be planning.

In Arizona, ASU, GCU, NAU and UofA are also planning to return to classes fully in person in the Fall of 2021. Other Arizona colleges may be planning similar in-person classes.

Seattle University in the pacific northwest, also plans “to return to a primarily in-person mode for both instruction and the student experience.”

New safety requirements will be posted by each of the colleges as they move into dorms, attend classes, and socialize on colleges campuses across the US.

This is good news for students.

For those students that will be starting or returning to college this fall, remember to develop rapport with the professors as this can lead to departmental scholarships, internships and potentially career opportunities.

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