What the heck does SAT stand for?

April 22, 2010

What does SAT mean, what does SAT stand for, what does SAT test stand for?

At one point in history SAT used to stand for scholastic aptitude test which was created by CollegeBoard.com. It was believed that because this was an aptitude exam, you could not study to get a better score. Either you had ‘it’ or you didn’t. Then people figured out that there was a pattern and you could actually prepare for these tests and do better.

The result of this finding was that CollegeBoard dropped the name of ‘aptitude’ and it became the SAT. There are two incarnations of this test the SAT I and the SAT II (SAT subjects tests).

Many colleges use this as a base on entering college, meaning if you don’t score high enough you may be admitted but have to take remedial classes. Likewise, many colleges use it as a bench mark to hand out merit based financial aid. So it is in your best interest to prepare for the tests and score as high as you can.

My recommendation is to take the test multiple times. Don’t wait until your senior year in high school to start. By starting early you will have a base score. With a base score you can find out what areas need improvement and prepare, study and review, then take the test again and again.

My people have been mislead into believing that if you take the test to many times then colleges will see you as desperate and not admit you or limit your aid. This is untrue. However, if you take it multiple times and do nothing in between by preparing and studying, you will not get a better score.

It is in your best interest to get the best score (and best grades) you can. It could result in a big shiny financial aid award.

So now you know what SAT stands for by College Board.

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