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University of Alabama for less than the cost of an in-state college! Thank you AZ College Planning, my daughter is set, not only was it cheaper for her to go to Alabama but they gave her several incredible internships. - Scottsdale dad

Arizona student going to an Expensive Private University for less than the cost of an in-state college! You can too!

Strategies to get into college 18 to 37 years ago no longer work today. If old strategies don’t work, when would you want to find out the things that do work?

Would you consider a college based on the college’s ranking? Then one is playing the college’s game and by their rules. If one does not know the rules for college admission and college scholarships, then it will be difficult to win.

Colleges have figured out that if there is a positive upward trend in their rankings, this attracts more attention, and with more attention, more application forms, and ultimately more application fees.

Last year the University of California Berkeley had over 101,000 students apply for admission with an application fee of $70.00 dollars each.
($70.00 X 101,000 = $7,070,000.00) Seven Million Dollars just in application fees!

Every college asks this question of each student who applies:

“How will this student impact our rankings?”

If the answer is ‘This student will have a neutral impact on rankings’, then the student may be admitted and maybe get a meager, insignificant scholarship or no scholarship at all.

If the college determines the student will have a negative impact on their ranking, the student will be rejected.

When the college determines your student will have a Positive Impact on their rankings, that is when the magic happens! The college will do whatever they can to get your student to attend their college, using big scholarships to entice your student to choose their institution.

And no, your student doesn’t have to have perfect grades or perfect test scores to have a Positive Impact on a college’s rankings as there are many different categories ranked. (As an example, just Google “Best Ping Pong colleges” or best dorms, best food, etc.) The key is to fit in one or more ranked categories.

AZ College Planning’s specialty is knowing how to find this criteria and in turn market your student to the colleges. AZ College Planning can turn the rankings around and use this ranked data as leverage for admission and improve your student’s scholarships.

With over 12 years of experience we have fine tuned the application and scholarship process and can show students how to Market Themselves to Colleges so that the college Needs to Admit your student because your student will have a Positive Impact on their college’s rankings.

AZ College Planning has successfully methodized the process of how to get colleges to really want your student and offer tons of scholarship money.

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Our daughter has heard back and been accepted to 8/8 colleges. She has received scholarships to all schools. - Scottsdale family

Thanks to the knowledgeable advice we received from JD, the college application and selection process was less daunting for both of our daughters. - Scottsdale mom
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