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In this video J.D. the founder of discusses who actually gets admitted, who actually gets scholarships and why one needs to learn the college scholarship game to position yourself to win.
(Yes college admission is a game.)

College Workshop Video Part 1

College Workshop Video Part 2

College Workshop Video Part 3
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Your student can get the most financial aid that they are entitled to get by following these proprietary strategies:

“I would have never dreamed of sending Bruce to a school with a cost of $67,000 per year. But because of your help and knowledge, it became possible. Bruce was awarded $51,016 in scholarships that’s $204,064 for four years! .” - Scottsdale parent

Please know colleges and universities are BIG business and will do things for their bottom line. For example: Colleges manipulate the ranking system. You have probably seen this a hundred times or more: "Such-and-such college is ranked number 1 in category X ."

J.D. Wyczalek (& AZ College Planning) has been an absolute hero to our family helping us with college applications, scholarships, and loans. This week JD saved me from an almost $8,000 student loan mistake. I am calm and excited about our girls' future college experiences at ASU and USC with JD as our college consultant! - Scottsdale parent
I am so grateful for AZ College Planning! I was overwhelmed by how the college process works and J.D. and Jennifer were a huge help. They also offered classes on prepping for the SAT, study tips, promoting yourself for college, and so many others that helped to ease the transition from high school to college. P.S. my daughter loves her university! – Scottsdale parent
AZ College Planning did a great job helping Alana create a plan for researching different colleges and understanding the overwhelming college application process. As the cost of tuition, especially out of state tuition, is quite expensive, J.D. helped us with effective financial strategies and completing the confusing FAFSA form to maximize our aid package.
Thank you, J.D.! – Scottsdale dad

"J.D. was the key to our success in our son getting accepted into multiple colleges and ultimately receiving acceptance and an incredible scholarship into NYU. Our son was highly motivated so matching that up with J.D.’s program and completing the steps that J.D. laid out made all the difference in where our son applied for school and his acceptance rate. Along with Jennifer assisting with editing the college essays our son found great success in the program. It was well worth the cost, time and experience. I would highly recommend J.D. and AZ College Planning." – Anthem mom

Your student can turn the ranking tables back on the colleges through our strategic methodology and show the college that they really should recruit your student and give your student tons of money.

“We never thought we could afford a private school, but with all the tools and knowledge of AZ College Planning, our daughter was able to go to her dream school (Wash U) with the high-priced tuition paid for. (Nicole was awarded $45,465 in scholarships and grants, for Four Years = $181,860) The school even gave her a $1,500 travel scholarship to pay for the plane ticket to study abroad in Toulouse, France.” - Cave Creek parent

"We were referred to J.D. and AZ College Planning by friends and could not have been happier. J.D. and his staff walked us through filling out the FAFSA, educated us on how to talk to financial aid departments and assisted us in obtaining effectively a full-ride scholarship and aid package to Pepperdine University for our daughter. I don’t think that outcome would have happened without J.D.’s expertise and guidance." - Phoenix dad

Here is why this is important: Colleges have figured out that by having an upward trend in the rankings produces more attention.

More Attention = More Applications
More Applications = More Application Fees

Colleges can earn $Millions$ of dollars just in application fees. So, of course colleges want more and more students to apply so that the college can make more money and feed their multi-million and multi-billion dollar endowments and improve their bottom line. (University of California Berkeley, Cal, had over 101,000 students apply at $70 a pop. This equates to over $7.2 Million just in application fees!)

"This college is a terrific school for scholarships and money. She even got a scholarship for being in the band. She got $54,205 in scholarships per year! Thanks again for all your help." -Scottsdale dad

I want to show you and your student how to get incredible scholarships in part paid by these multi-million and multi-billion dollar endowments. (Arizona State University is aiming to get their endowment to $1.5 Billion. Harvard has over $39.2 Billion in their endowment fund.)

We will do this by showing your student the things they need to do to attract attention from a college so that the college says YES we NEED this student as this student will have a positive impact on our rankings. When colleges identify these students, the colleges will entice the student by offering scholarships.

"AZ College Planning gave us the right tools to explore colleges and expand our knowledge regarding out of the box thinking in order to graduate debt free.
They provided a proven framework and subsequent feedback during high school so that the optimal college application process was achieved. Trevor graduated 100% debt free!
Graduating debt free is Golden!!!"
- Phoenix mom

We will help your student get admitted and earn an incredible scholarship package. This is accomplished by working with your student one on one, creating an individual decisive strategic plan while we instruct the student how to market themselves to the college.

We will teach your student the rules of the college admission game and the rules to earn scholarships so your student can position themselves to play to win.

"I don't know if Chad told you but Vanderbilt accepted him on Tuesday. They gave him $57,000 out of $63,000. That was 100% of the tuition and some of the living expenses. We are all very excited for his next 4 years. I wanted to say thanks!" - Peoria parent

We also host a variety of classes including my acclaimed Beat The Test (SAT/ACT Prep) class, Application & Essay class, Building an Amazing Resume class, Marketing to Colleges class and much more. A list of classes can be found on this website.

Our students have been admitted to many top colleges including (in no particular order) UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of Notre Dame, Duke, Columbia University, Yale, Vanderbilt, University of Chicago, Georgetown University, Case Western, Cal Poly SLO, Creighton, Gonzaga, Washington University Saint Louis, ASU Barrett, Brown, CalArts, Pitzer College, United States Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, American University, Pepperdine, Occidental College, Texas Christian University, UCSD, University of San Diego, University of San Francisco, Purdue, USC, Loyola Marymount, Chapman and many more.

Would you like me to personally coach you and your student on how to get $7,500 to $55,000 per year in scholarships regardless of your income or your grades, then please call 1-888-237-2087 X2 or fill out the form below and include a phone number where we can reach you during regular business hours. Both parent(s) and student(s) should attend this first meeting.

We look forward to helping you and your student on this amazing college adventure and in the not to distant future telling others about your student's admission into an incredible college and your student's marvelous scholarships!

We want to help your student create and tell their own success story!

"And the help with the FAFSA was priceless!! My kid, a freshman, is thriving in college thanks to J.D. and AZ College Planning!!" -Scottsdale parent

To increase chances of success and to be able to work personally with you and your student we limit the number of clients that we take per year to 60 to 70 new students per class year. Space is limited. These spots fill up every year. Contact us now.

Give us a call 1-888-237-2087 X2. We are located in Scottsdale Arizona.

1-888-237-2087 x2

“AZ College Planning has been a tremendous help in obtaining a financial aid package that covers Yani’s out of state cost of attendance at the University of Alabama. JD and his staff helped navigate uncharted waters for us with our first college selection experience. Talking with JD was like sitting at the kitchen table with a trusted family member. This school was the best fit for Yani as she has thrived, taking advantage of honors, research, clinical and leadership opportunities in pursuit of her goal to attend medical school with minimal undergraduate debt. Thanks JD. Roll Tide!” - Scottsdale dad

"We really do appreciate all the ways AZ College Planning helped us with getting Cole a quality education, and virtually ZERO loans at the end of the undergrad career!!" – Phoenix mom

"The information and motivational coaching from J.D. was strategic in aiding and achieving a university we would have never thought was an option.
J.D. opened our eyes to the possibilities of universities we would have never considered as options. The positioning and strategic preparation was helpful in our son being accepted to the school of his dreams and he is loving every minute of his college experience."
- Scottsdale mom
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