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SkylerGraduationOn Friday, May 16, 2014, Skyler obtained his degree and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arizona. His major was Film & Television Studies, with a minor in Creative Writing.  The graduation ceremony was great fun for us all; afterwards at the celebration dinner, we toasted your name in recognition and thanks. He graduated in 4 years, debt-free.  Skyler and I both made some filing mistakes and such during these past 4 years, it could have been a real disaster, and you were able to sort it out for him. We can’t thank you enough for everything you did to help. - Bruce

Thank you so much for providing me details of the Pell Grant. We applied and in less than two weeks we were informed a $5600 grant had been awarded to Alana to complete her last year of nursing school. I couldn't have done it without you. Best Wishes, Dr.Bob.

  • My son, Josh is now a senior (2012) and has started the college admission process. He has been selected as a Scholarship finalist and has submitted his applications to Yale, UPenn, Stanford and Princeton. Three years ago, we never would have dreamed to apply at schools like these, but your advice to look at private colleges for better financial aid was spot on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • JD, We all appreciate your helping us with these essays!! It is a wonderful feature to your services! Thank you much, Nancy

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Marc wrote: "Just wanted to let you know that Court and I
just met with Fin Aid for Grand Canyon University! they are giving her
the max for scholarships for next year, $16,500, which leaves her a
little short...BUT she's already rec'd the Canyon Scholarship and Guild
Scholarship which cover the rest! 2 years down at a private University
and NO DEBT! God is at work in this and your advice through the years has
been invaluable! D"

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What families have said about AZ College Consulting, LLC
thanks very much for your time and this info. I would be happy to spread the word. -BD Scottsdale
J.D. Thank you for spending this time with Courtney.  It has already helped us and her immensely. -JM
Hi J.D.   I got a significant increase from Marquette University after attending both your seminar and your one-on-one meeting AND following your advice.
MU raised the financial award from $2,000 per year to $9,000 per year (that's per year!) and what is even more incredible is that they gave us the $9,000 financial aid beginning this year when I thought all hope was lost.
I want to thank you very much for all your help…speak to you soon.
Sincerely, Clif (Anthem, AZ)
“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I’m so appreciative of the knowledge you brought to this class. One tip alone got me an extra $9,708 FREE per year!”
Rhonda H. (Her daughter just graduated)
(Our daughter) is really excited. Thanks for all your help! With your help she can go to Syracuse - otherwise we could not have done it! I will definitely be spreading the word!
Karen (Scottsdale, AZ)
"Thank you, now I realize if I waited until my child’s senior year of high school it would have cost us thousands. My friends thought we started too early. I’m so glad we started when we did. "
Patty C.
(The best time to start is as a High School Freshman or Sophomore, some professionals even suggest as early as Middle School. If you have older kids, you need to put it in high gear.)
... I also recommended you to one of my clients. Best regards, S. C. (Glendale, AZ)
"The workshop was very informative and provided meaningful information about financial aid."
Mariel P. (Phoenix, AZ)
"I am now more educated on the entire college process. Some of the things that J.D. mentioned I had never heard of before. I now have a clue and direction on how to proceed."
Amy S. (Cave Creek, AZ)
"Thank you J.D. You have given us hope!"
Thomas T (Cave Creek, AZ)
"The structured approach of financial aid and the necessary forms was clearly presented."
Jo F. (Scottsdale, AZ)
"It was all new to me. With this information my family has the possibility to get aid, where in the beginning we would not have even tried."
Jim H. (Scottsdale, AZ)
"I enjoyed most the tips for saving money and the specific guidelines."
Alice S
"J.D. covered a lot of basic information that every parent needs to know."
Lisa N.
"I liked most learning about the magic letters and the different types of aid that is available."
Jeff M.
"Knowing the three questions that we must ask every school and when to ask was a revelation, thank you."
Ray B.
“This is the first college workshop that has given us any hope!”
Janice P., Teacher
“I love the idea that even though we have a higher income, we can STILL get money for college”
Steve and Frances Y.
“My kid’s guidance counselor didn’t tell us any of this—everything was extremely useful”
Mitch C.
“This is what every parent MUST know before they even THINK about applying for college”
Janine M.
“I’ve been staying awake at night worrying about paying for college. Thanks for helping me sleep again!
Gary A.
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