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How to get a perfect ACT test score in 7 easy steps Perfect Score Video

  1. Take the test once, get a base score, review the score and see which area needs improvement
  2. Pick up an official prep book and review 10 – 15 minutes every day
  3. Review the ACT Question of the Day every day.
  4. Review the ACT question of the day, every day.
  5. Review the question of the day, before you click on the answer; ask yourself which of Dr. Beasley’s Secret Test Strategies will get you to the correct answer fastest. (Print out Dr. B.’s cheat sheet and review it when answering the question of the day.)
  6. Take the tests again, but this time for points.
  7. Practice and repeat, practice and repeat

Students who practice and apply Dr. Beasley’s Secret Test Taking
Strategies are more likely to increase scores and potentially earn a perfect
Contact us for more info on Dr. B’s materials. Module 1 is available for free here.

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