300 College Hands On Class

300 College Search Work Class

In this class students are required to bring a laptop as we will look at several websites and start building list of potential colleges to apply to. In this class we will look at several factors as you build your list.

This is a hands-on class. Laptops Required, (iPad, Surface, Kindle Fire or other internet accessible tablet.) You will need a device with WIFI internet access and an internet browser.)

In this class we will create CollegeBoard login accounts (if you already have an account on CollegeBoard.org, please bring your ID and password so that you can participate in this class.)

  • What: College list work class (Laptop Required)
  • Who: All students who need to create a list of colleges.
  • Where: Visions Offices 14362 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd Beach Room Scottsdale
  • When: TBA.
  • Class title: 300 College Work Class
  • Cost: Free for clients and $97 for non-clients.

Registration is required.

I am a client (no charge)
I am not a current client $97

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