NCAA Division 1 Basketball Champions for the last 80 years.

March 18, 2019

Is your team or alma mater on this list? YEAR CHAMPION (RECORD) COACH SCORE RUNNER-UP SITE 2018 Villanova (36-4) Jay Wright 79-62 Michigan San Antonio, Tex. 2017 North Carolina (33-7) Roy Williams 71-65 Gonzaga Phoenix, Ariz. 2016 Villanova (35-5) Jay Wright 77-74 North Carolina Houston, Texas 2015 Duke (35-4) Mike Krzyzewski 68-63 Wisconsin Indianapolis, Ind. […]

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New SAT and ACT Comparison Concordance Tables

April 16, 2018

The New SAT and ACT Comparison Concordance Tables (redesigned SAT) Compare your SAT to your ACT scores.   SAT Score ACT Composite 1600 36 1590 35 1580 35 1570 35 1560 35 1550 34 1540 34 1530 34 1520 34 1510 33 1500 33 1490 33 1480 32 1470 32 1460 32 1450 32 1440 31 […]

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Colleges with some seats still open as of May 2011

May 5, 2011

If you didn’t get in or you are a late start. There is still hope and some options. Here is a list of 309 Colleges that still have limited space. Just release May 5, 2011. Need help contact me! see the list here Institution Name State/Country Freshman Transfer Control Enroll. Fin. Aid Housing  Agnes Scott College GA Yes Yes Private 1-1,000 Yes Yes  Albertus Magnus college CT Yes Yes Private 1-1,000 Yes Yes  Albion College MI Limited Limited Private 1,000-4,999 Limited Limited  […]

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U of A bait and switch or do they really want to help families

February 25, 2011

Phoenix – The University of Arizona in Tucson has hastily made a switch to include the CSS Profile financial aid form in addition to the FAFSA for some of its incoming freshman class. The website for the University of Arizona at has the details. However, the hasty decision to add this additional burdensome form […]


SAT ACT Comparison Chart

February 21, 2011

  SAT ACT Comparison Chart ACT Redesigned SAT Math & Reading 2400-Point SAT Estimate (old model) 36 1600 2400 35 1560-1590 2360 34 1510-1550 2300 33 1460-1500 2220 32 1410-1450 2140 31 1360-1400 2070 30 1320-1350 2010 29 1280-1310 1950 28 1240-1270 1890 27 1210-1230 1830 26 1170-1200 1770 25 1130-1160 1710 24 1090-1120 1650 […]


What is your window of opportunity

February 4, 2011

As a high school junior, there is limited time to mold the student’s extracurricular and school activities so they attract the attention of colleges and universities, not to get into college but to get aid.


Dastardly game colleges play

January 31, 2011

The games colleges play can cause havoc and stress on high school seniors and parents. One game that our local state college is playing this year is to send out a notice congratulating the student and offering admittance. However the letter goes on to state … to guarantee your spot, mail in a non refundable deposit […]

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President Obama sets major goals for education in America

January 27, 2011

President Obama sets major goals for education in America Posted: 01/26/2011 By: Brien McElhatten PHOENIX – In a state where only 75 percent of high school students graduate, those in the education community were closely watching President Obama’s speech. Among the eyes watching in Arizona was Bobbie O’Boyle, Executive Director of the Arizona Education Foundation. […]


Full Ride Scholarship, elusive or exclusive

January 19, 2011

Scottsdale – Hundreds of families strive for that exclusive Full Ride Scholarship and wonder how to get it. While some students attain fantastic financial aid packages, others are just left wondering. There are four things that must be done to get as close to the Full Ride as possible. Apply to the right types of […]

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how to fill out financial aid forms and not get ripped off

January 2, 2011

Filling out financial aid forms can be daunting. Putting the wrong information can cause you and your student to lose thousands of dollars of financial aid. Now get expert help so that you can maximize your financial aid eligibility. The Financial Aid Boot Camp reveals the magic formula that colleges use to determine your financial […]