Wimpy resumes from grads find it difficult to land jobs

June 11, 2008

Wimpy resumes from college grads find it difficult to land good paying jobs.

With hopeful news from the financial sects that the housing market has finally started to turn around, new jobs should blossom forth.

Newly graduated from college, a student can’t write an awesome resume if there is nothing to write. Employers can see through thinly veiled resumes containing nothing but fluff. Hopeful jobseekers are devastated as employers are looking for “experience” and a degree.

This spring students at ASU were able to take workshops in resume writing and interviewing among other things.

These are essential important features that cannot be overlooked. However if you have nothing to say on your resume because you have done nothing of any great importance, than how can you write a great resume?

AZ College Planning, a local private college consulting company has been touting that yes it is a good to have a degree, but employers also want “experience.”

The best way to gain exposure for your student is to get an intern position in the field of their interest. NOW! As a Junior or Sophomore in High School.

“My story is this, 2 ½ years into my college degree I landed an intern position at a local company in the major I was studying, and completely hated it,” says J.D. Wyczalek (why-zall-ick) founder of www.AZCollegePlanning.com. “I wish I’d have found it out sooner.”

Finding an intern position now as a High School student does two things. 1) Exposes your student in their field of interest: 2) Gives the student some meat to put in their resume.

Procrastinating is a favored past time among many individuals. In this case it could cost you your dream job.

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