what you don’t know will cost in scholarships

April 25, 2012

You would agree that people who are informed with correct information can take more advantage of the situation.

College is a game and if you know the rules it is easier to compete and win (scholarships).

Imagine for a moment that you are in a football game playing. And the organizer of this game is playing with different rules that you are unfamiliar with. You don’t know where the sidelines are, you don’t know where the end zone is and you don’t know if this is two hand touch or full tackle… How likely are you to score or even win the game if you don’t know the rules.

Rule number one of the college rules is

  • To win the college game know the rules.

For example if you are a middle income family and have money saved up for college do you know if this money will be counted against you or not? If you have a rental home or second home, how will that impact need-based-aid?

Rule number two

  • Apply to the right types of colleges for your student

Applying to the wrong types of colleges (and the right college for one student might be the wrong one for another) can cause scholarship losses and potentially a rejection of admission. There is a perfect college out there for every student who is willing to expand their borders and keep an open mind when identifying colleges.

Rule number three

  • Desired students get admitted and get scholarships

While you may think that valedictorians and perfect SAT scores get scholarship money at every college, that is not the case. Students with less desirable GPA’s and lower test scores have been admitted to top colleges. (Can you believe that a 2.2 GPA student was admitted to Stanford last year???) The students who get admitted are the ones who have been properly packaged, positioned and marketed to these colleges. Becoming a Desired student is more than just grades and test scores, it’s finding out what a college needs and telling them that you fill that need. The old adage “Find a Need and Fill it” fits perfectly. These are the students who get admitted and get scholarships.

So the question is, how do you find the rules, how do you package a student.

You can do two things, browse the internet for hours for everything related to college and hope that the information that you are getting is credible or attend my free workshop. “The College Workshop - Maximizing Aid and Reduce your Costs of a College Education”.

In this workshop you will discover new ways to save money on college that smart families across the US are using to pay next to nothing for college. Nothing will be sold.

This is not a hype and pitch deal. If you want one of those go to a time share seminar. You will get real college answers. You will be informed.

One of my clients sent me an email: “Amanda just committed to St Peter's College in New Jersey. She's getting full ride! She is getting 15k academic, 25k soccer ... woo hoo!”

Do the math, she is getting $40,000.00 in free scholarship money.

You MUST attend this workshop so that you and your student won’t lose out on all the scholarships and grants that you are entitled to.

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