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March 3, 2011

You should be aware that the University of Arizona had just implemented the use of the CSS Profile financial aid form.

UA is currently testing to see if it makes a positive financial impact on their university. If everything goes well, then (and this is my prediction) all three state schools will begin using this financial aid form.

Why does this matter? The CSS Profile is a customizable form. This means that UA (or any college that uses this form) can tailor the form to ask ANY question that they desire.

AND they will ask specific poignant questions about your financial situation.

As ridiculous as this may seem, if a college determines that they can give out less financial aid by asking if you have a vegetable garden in the back yard, they will.

Some colleges have used the CSS Profile to ask about the family’s vehicle and automobiles. Does it matter that one family drives a specific vehicle brand? And why should it matter and why should it affect my student’s aid eligibility?

Can You Help? – YES –

1. Let’s send a collective message to U of A to stop using the CSS Profile. Join this page. And let’s keep college affordable for all including the middle class families. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/University-of-Arizona-Stop-the-CSS-Profile/203103619705512

2. Tell others now.

3. If you are required to submit this form, (not everyone is required at this point) please let me know. I am taking a poll. You can do this by leaving feedback on the Facebook page or emailing me.

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