test anxiety, how to avoid it

August 27, 2010

With the new SAT and ACT test season quickly coming upon us, I found this information. A recent study showed 61% of students suffer from test anxiety.

The SAT and ACT are *implied to carry so much weight that this unseen stress can jump on anyone’s back.

To crack the SAT/ACT, become familiar with the test, its process and its directions. Do these by taking the test multiple times, pick up an official prep book and review sample and retired tests.

I have seen some weird stuff and then some really weird stuff. This one takes the prize. It is a product to relive text anxiety through clinical hypnotherapy. <click. I am not endorsing this; it is just an example of some of the more bizarre things that are out there.

This YouTube video has some tips on how to deal with test anxiety, including eating right. Click Here

I had an opportunity to meet the master of the SAT. Dr. Beasley. This page shows you some of his secrets on cracking the SAT. How to score better, get a higher score. A higher score could mean a higher scholarship.

Do you think the hypnotherapy is crazy? Email me your thoughts.

*Contact me for a list of colleges that do not require the SAT.


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