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April 11, 2013

College Admissions: Spring 2013 Stats

Admission statistics for the Class of 2017 set new records for many of the most selective schools. Seven of the eight Ivy League institutions reported lower acceptance rates. - In keeping with recent tradition, Harvard’s acceptance rate of 5.8% of its 33,531 applicants is the lowest reported the Ivy League. Yale came in second place admitting 6.7% of its record-high 29,610 applicants, followed by Columbia at 6.9%, Princeton at 7.3%, Brown at 9.2%, Dartmouth at 10.05% and University of Pennsylvania at 12.1% of 31,280 applications. Cornell received a record 40,006 applications and accepted 15.2% of them — down from 16.2% last year. - Stanford beat out Harvard with a record-setting low acceptance rate of 5.7% (38,828 applicants) while MIT admitted 8.2% of its nearly 19,000 applicants. The University of Chicago accepted less than 9% of the record 30,369 applications it received.


The main issue with these colleges is that they do not provide scholarships. They only provide Need Based Aid. There are other colleges that would have loved to take these kids and would have given them excellent scholarships. The colleges listed do not need to give out scholarships to attract students and why should they with admission rates as low as these...

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