Students who use the college as a tool to get where they want to be, Launch into their Career & Profession.

April 3, 2019

Why Would You Pay Full Price for College?

Discover the Admission Secrets Arizona Families Use to Get College Paid For at a Huge Discount!

Students who use the college as a tool to get where you want to be, launch into their Career and Profession.

With all the publicity around the VARSITY BLUES College Admission Scandal, the highly selective colleges are being scrutinized. Are these high priced hard to get admitted colleges really worth it?

Selecting the Right Fit college is important. As it is equally important to get the cost of college down by maximizing scholarships and grants.

Choosing a college that is going to help launch your student into their career is a critical aspect of the college section. It’s not always the Ivy colleges or the highly selective colleges that offer the best scholarship packages or the best and most influential internships and research assistant projects to its student body.

We want to help build your college success story.

AZ College Planning’s specialty is showing how to use the student’s Power of Influence to get the colleges to admit them and give big scholarships. This is done by showing your student the essential things to invest time in that would impress the college.

With over 12 years of experience we have fine-tuned the application and scholarship process and can show students how to Market Themselves to Colleges so that the college Needs to Admit your student.

AZ College Planning has successfully methodized the process of how to get colleges to really want your student and offer tons of scholarship money.

Discover more by attending our next free college workshop. Click the link for dates and our North Scottsdale location.

If you have an 8th grader, freshman, sophomore, or junior you will want to attend this informational workshop.

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