Senioritis, Fatal to Scholarships

February 5, 2013

Senioritis. Is it real?

So what, I’ve got senioritis. I have already been admitted, what can they do?

Colleges can do a lot of grievous tear producing things to students who have senioritis.

Your applications have been sent, your first semester is over, and your financial aid forms have been submitted. You may be wondering what’s really left to do in high school. Whether you are a senior who is counting the days until graduation, or you are one who is becoming nostalgic about leaving friends and family, you are undoubtedly aware that things are about to change. The future is a little unclear, so it’s no wonder you may be feeling a bit alienated from the real world, wondering why you still have to complete assignments and abide by your school and family rules.

It’s a known fact that second semester seniors often feel lethargic and a bit adrift, so you are not alone if you’re finding yourself daydreaming instead of studying. You may also be feeling a bit ambivalent about your relationship with family and friends, which is a sign that you are preparing for next step in your life that will take place this fall.

All these feelings are normal; however, they shouldn't be used as an excuse for not completing work. Try your best to concentrate and to find joy in your final months of high school. The college you choose to go to will ask for a copy of your final transcript and they do have the right to reverse their decision if your grades drop.

Many students have been shocked to find out that a college rescinded on the decision to admit them. That is the worst case scenario. The second worst case is revoking all your scholarships.

So in plain simple language, high school seniors who let their grades drop can lose their admission spot (meaning you won’t be going to that college) or lose any scholarship the college offered (meaning you can go but now it will cost more.)
The best way to demonstrate that you are ready for the independence of college is to make the most of the last months of your high school career. Enjoy high school while you can!

And keep your grades up!


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