Play video games to get into college & get a Porsche

October 23, 2008

Can a video game increase your student’s chances of being admitted into college as well as getting financial aid?

The surprising answer is YES!

In this day and age, gizmos and gadgets are on top of every teens list. I have a thirteen-year-old son who saved up all summer to get a Nintendo DS. We see kids all over playing handheld video games. Heads and minds buried deep in thought and concentration, thumbs flying at lightning speed.

What if these future college students and video game junkies could “play” their way into college? What if they could play a game that has the potential to increase their SAT score? With a higher SAT score more college doors will open as well as other various opportunities. With a higher SAT score, and if they score high enough, some college will freely and willingly hand out merit money. Can you play your way to college success? Well, now your thumb twitchin’ future college bound student can.

AZ College Planning’s recommendation is to check daily the SAT question of the day, pick up an SAT review book and check out 'My SAT Coach' for Nintendo DS. 

"The Princeton Review teamed up with the best teachers to create custom drills that build core skills through speed, repetition, and practice.

This game will supplement your SAT test preparation and help your student strengthen their basic techniques. Through practice and repetition My SAT Coach will build the basic skill sets, allowing your student to focus study time more effectively…"

Wow, that sales pitch from My SAT Coach’s website is painful. If you ask me, it’s not very convincing for future college students. In fact, I showed the ad to my kids and they all arguably agreed, “that’s boring!”

Let’s pose it this way.

Play a video game that is not all that boring AND it will help you get what you really want. Like entrance into a great college so you can land that top profession, so you can make lots of money and afford to buy a Porsche. You want a Porsche don’t you?

Click here to order My SAT Coach with The Princeton Review

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