Parents are sitting on ticking time bomb

June 15, 2008

N Phoenix - The class of 2009 doesn’t have much time. Parents of High School Juniors who will be graduating in 09 are facing huge financial issues, as well as choosing the best-fit school for their kids.

In a very short few months your High School Junior is going to be a Senior. They should already have colleges lined up that they have interest in and will be ready to apply to in September/October. If your student waits until the deadline to apply to college you are already to late.

Schools like UC Berkley received 48,400 applications, UCLA 35,000+ applications. These are record-breaking numbers. Next year will be even greater. And if you wait and apply on the deadline your student will be at the bottom of the huge pile and on the desk of a college admissions officer who is now in panic mode.

The ideal time line is as a Freshman or Sophomore, the student researches a career path and majors. Solidify your college major. Then as a Junior physically visit the college. Don’t buy “sight unseen”. Finally in early fall of their Senior Year apply as early as possible to these schools.

I remember when my eldest daughter and I were being kicked out of Toys-R-Us for driving the electric Pink Barbie Jeep on the freshly waxed floors. Now it is not my fault that a three year old doesn’t know how to drive and ran into the store manager. Flash forward a few years and now she is a Freshman in high school exploring college options.

“If parents and students wait to long they may not get admitted into their top choice college. It is imperative to start planning now,” says J.D. Wyczalek (why-zall-ick) founder of AZ College Consulting, LLC. AZ College Consulting is Arizona’s premier college planning and consulting company.

“My goal is to educate families and dispel all the myths associated with college by presenting free workshops,” comments J.D. “If you know how the college game is played you can stack the deck in your favor, legally.”

The figurative fuse is lit. The bomb will explode. Like a good Boy Scout, will you be prepared?

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