(L) Lesson 01 The College Game

Lesson One

College, it's not all what it seems...

Getting money and scholarships for college.
Know how to play the college financial aid game to win!

In state colleges here in  Arizona now exceed $25,000 per year (for in state students).
Most students take 6 years to graduate
do the MATH...
$25,000 X 6 years = $150,000.

Private colleges and out of state colleges can be as much as $65,000 PER YEAR! However, you don't have to pay full price if you know what colleges are looking for, how to use admission leverage and know the financial aid and college admission rules.

CollegeBoard - How to Video (Bonus)

This video lesson walks you through CollegeBoard.org website  and explains what to look for and how to navigate through CollegeBoard’s selection process. This video in its full format and more are available with full access to this Membership site.


Financial Aid Forms (Bonus)

Please be advised before you or your student implements any of these strategies or ideas please consult with your CPA, financial adviser or college planning professional. AZ College Consulting, LLC does not guarantee any results as individual results will vary based on the families AGI, assets (both business and personal), college selection, household size, student’s income and assets as well as the student’s grades and test scores and other factors.
Financial Aid Introduction PDF

Review the entire Financial Aid Boot Camp in Online Lesson # 7. These videos in their full format and more are available with full access to this Membership site.

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