New SAT Regulations

September 20, 2012

Last year there was a big scandal with SAT test fraud, seems that a professional was taking the tests in place of the students. This would not have attracted so much attention if the test scores were poor but they were excellent.

As this was uncovered, those students lost their scholarships and the person standing in for the test was fired.

As a result of all this unscrupulous scandal CollegeBoard has implemented new security measures. These things were outlined at the CollegeBoard conference that I attend last Wednesday on September 12, 2012.

Students will be required to submit a current, recognizable photo during registration that will be included on a new photo admission ticket. Students registering online will be required to upload a digital photo.

Uploaded photos will be mandatory for the March tests and may be implemented before this date. A passport style photo approximately 2 X 2 is suggested.

In addition to this there will no longer be stand by or walk in as it is no longer permitted.

Along with this students who take the PSAT will be required to write in cursive the following statement: “I hereby agree to the conditions set forth online at and in the SAT Paper Registration Guide and certify that I am the person whose name and address appear on this answer sheet.”

If the student does not write this in cursive (not print) the test may become invalid.

From CollegeBoard’s website: Starting this year, students will copy and sign a statement acknowledging that they agree to the test regulations. As a result, the placement of some fields on the answer sheet has changed. Supervisors should plan additional time for this activity and familiarize themselves with the answer sheet prior to test day.

These new regulations can be viewed on’s website.

More than likely similar regulations will be required for the ACT test.

Remember to check out how to beat the test on this website.



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