More Scholarships For “C” Students

March 2, 2012

More Scholarships For "C" Students - I Found Another College Scholarship
by Dr. Kuni Beasley

In a previous article I wrote about scholarships for "C" students. Lo and behold, I found another similar scholarship for students with slightly above average ACT and SAT scores. Will the wonders ever cease? There is hope for the average student.

College B - a state college located in a different southern state:

This is the "President's Endowed University Scholar's Program." Requirements are:
1. 25 ACT or 1150 SAT
2. Academic seal on a high school transcript
3. References and an essay

Award Amount: $2,500 a year for 4 years

Put into perspective, the ACT/SAT requirements are higher than the previous, but there is no GPA requirement. The ACT requirement is actually higher than the relative SAT score. A 25 ACT is 7 points above the average (18), or about 2/5th of the way to a perfect score (36). Given the 1150 number, I assume this college only looks at the SAT Reading and Math scores. Average for SAT is 1000. 150 points above average is 1/4th of the way to a perfect score (1600). If I was counseling a student who wanted this scholarship, I would emphasize taking the SAT because the additional 150 points equates to about a 10 question swing in the actual testing (10 more correct; 10 fewer incorrect). The swing would be tougher on the ACT.

So, technically, a student with a low GPA but with a decent ACT or SAT score, some good references and a good essay could get this scholarship. This belies logic in awarding scholarships, but each college makes its own rules.

This goes to prove that there are many secret, hidden scholarship opportunities out there. It just takes some digging. However, I also want to caution you that there are also many scholarship scammers out there, too, who will take your money and promise you your mailbox will be filled with checks. I've never seen that played out in my three decades of doing this work.

As always, in dealing with college funding, always deal with a professional. Make sure they have letters (either degrees or professional designations) behind their name and can give you actual names of people who received funding due to their efforts. (see the testimonials page, under 'What People Say' tab). If at any time you feel pressured into writing a check or giving them a credit card number, or if they say the offer is only good right then, run away!

Kuni Michael Beasley, Ph. D., College Professor, High School Dean, and College Counselor.
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