J.D. gets a fat lip.

March 20, 2009

Well I stuck my neck out and ended up getting hit smack in the kisser! Sometimes you have to step in front and take the bull by the horns.

I was going to post pictures of my black and blue badge of pride on the blog, but alas my wife said not to.

Returning from my indoor soccer game to a bag of ice and some (very little) sympathy, I explained the situation of how instead of heading the ball it was more of a face-er.

So now I am sticking my neck out one more time. (Will he ever learn?)

In the college workshops parents have been starving for information about how the entire college financial aid process, admission and everything else works. Needing more because with more information and knowledge then and only then can you the parent and the student make smart intelligent decisions about college, career and major.

The final and finishing touches on the new project and website are being concluded as we speak. The launch date is set for May 1st. A pre-launch date (TBA) is set before the official launch.

This website has everything that you want to know and need to know about selecting a career, major and college (in that order!) as well as strategies on how to not go broke paying for college.

Assessment tools, PDF documents, videos, college-cost calculators, tons and tons of information and links to help guide you and your student through choosing a career (even if you have an idea or no idea at all about what career to go into), and information on selecting the right major and finally strategies on selecting a college. Selecting a good fit college can mean the difference between busting the bank or not.

Must have information that you need to make smart decisions about careers, colleges and majors.


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