Financial Aid Scammers pop their foul heads up again

December 22, 2008

Financial Aid Scammers pop their foul heads up again


It is bad enough that students and parents are bombarded every which way with college admissions, essays, and financial aid. Now parents and students need to keep their antennas up for shady criminals.


Lets call them what they are low down dirty thieves, crooks, bandits. These unscrupulous villains prey on the innocent and greedy. If it is too good to be true, you know the old adage it probably is.


If ANY scholarship company asks you for money first then they will give you money, something is wrong with that. Check out my article top scholarship scams


Here is another article from an Iowa paper ----------- 


Beware of college financial aid scams

By Andrew Potter, December 22, 2008


Paying for college is tougher than ever in these economic times, which means scholarships and financial aid can be a saving grace for some students.


Unfortunately, there are some companies who prey on these students promising them big money for college but then end up taking money from the student.


One scam has students cash a check for $50,000 which ends up being counterfeit and costing the student $4,000.


The Iowa College Aid Student Commission is advising never to pay a fee to confirm eligibility for a scholarship. (AZ College Planning advises the same.)


"Any promise made by a company claiming to guarantee scholarships for a fee should immediately raise a red flag," said Karen Misjak, executive director of the Iowa College Student Aid Commission.


Misjak noted to never provide bank or credit card information to these companies. For more information on free resources for college aid visit



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