Fewer students than ever accepted to UC campuses

January 9, 2009

By J.D. Wyczalek
Multiple hundred thousands of hopeful students wish to attend college in California. Some will be in for a rude and shocking awakening.

Universities of California Admission officers have yet to finish reviewing applications for 2009. The record number of applications that have arrived almost certainly means more applicants than ever will receive the dreaded thin rejection letter.

127,000 estimated students applied for admission to at least one of the nine UC undergraduate campuses for the fall 2009 term, up from 121,005 last year. The increase in applications makes 2009 the most competitive year in admissions, the Sacramento Bee reports.

Last week, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced plans to chop $31 million from the UC system by June 2010. Those cuts are based on the UCs approving tuition increases of 9.9 percent, from $7,126 to $7, 788 a year.

So not only will it be more difficult to get in but it will be costlier as well.

What can we do as parents? First learn all you can about the college financial aid system or hire a professional, learn what assets count and which ones don't.

What can my student do? Your student should position himself/herself to be a top college candidate by, getting as best grades as he/she can, test great on the standardized test (SAT/ACT), get involved in school clubs (not just sports) but not to many clubs, get involved outside of school with volunteer work or employment. College prep and positioning starts on day one of your Freshman year in High School.

Then in March of your students Senior year in High School the exciting acceptance letters and award packages arrive.

So what will it be, tears of joy or tears of sadness. Either way pick up an extra box of Kleenex.

We'll see your student on the college campus of their dreams.

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