February 14, 2019

AZCollegePlanning will help you file the financial aid forms.

The financial aid forms will go live October 1. I typically wait 7 to 10 days before I start filing the forms. By waiting about a week, FAFSA and CSS Profile will have worked out all the software bugs for the new programs and we will be able to file smoothly and efficiently. 

I am super excited about the new FAFSAsoft program that I launched in 2018.

This program will help eliminate errors when filing the FAFSA and CSS Profile financial aid forms. This program will automatically file the FAFSA and CSS Profile with a couple clicks and YOUR APPROVAL.

By getting the forms in and getting them submitted faster, your student will be one of the first ones in line. I have seen students get better scholarship packages by getting the application submitted and financial aid forms submitted before the majority.

To accomplish this task, I will need to know which parent email to use as the primary contact as the FAFSAsoft program will use this primary email address as the primary contact and the FAFSAsoft login account email address. Please let me know which parent email address you would like to use as the primary contact.

Once I get confirmation as to which is your primary email address, I will create a FAFSAsoft account for you.

The FAFSAsoft website is FileCollegeInfo.com a link to this site can be found on www.AZCollegePlanning.com

Once I create an account for you; you will get TWO emails from FinAidAlert@filecollegeinfo.com. (Please do not reply to this email. If you have questions, please contact me.) The first email will state that an account has been created. If you have more than one child that will need the financial aid forms filed, please contact me for instructions on how to create a linked account so that you don’t have to put your data in multiple FAFSAsoft accounts. -easy-

The second email will have this Subject: “AZ College Consulting, LLC College Family Care Center!” This email has a link to login to your account and set up a password. Please review this video Intro video 12 minutes. https://www.filecollegeinfo.com/videos/welcome_Video.mp4

You must disable the pop-up blocker so that when you put in data and click to the next button your data will automatically be saved.

Disable pop up blocker https://www.filecollegeinfo.com/videos/Pop_Up_Blocker_Chrome_Firefox.mp4

There will be several things that you will need to set up and finalize your FAFSAsoft account. You will need your most current year federal tax documents (2018) and your W2 statements. If your child filed taxes you will need those as well. If you haven’t filed your taxes for 2018 yet, please do so ASAP.

The FAFSAsoft program is very easy to use and very straight forward (and less complicated than the FAFSA.) If you have questions about anything on the FAFSAsoft program, please contact me.

The financial aid forms season will be upon us soon. This season will be much easier because of this incredible program.

If your student needs help with applications or essays, please contact us.

As you fill in the FAFSAsoft program details, if you have questions, please contact us.Y

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