Does your college loathe your guts?

June 29, 2010

I write this with sadness because the fat cats at some universities are doing a disservice to its students.

“You should have know, you should have read the fine print” these words are uttered in back rooms when they should be out in the open.

Recently reported on CNN, a young man who did not understand the ramifications of taking out excessive student loan debt just to attend and graduate from a so called brand name university. “I’ll just deal with it later” says student Ryan Durosky.

Who is at fault here, is it the student who racked up over a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS in student debt or is the fault on the University for allowing this to happen. Are universities cold heartless money grubbing machines interested in one thing only, the bottom line?

The unfortunate answer lies in this 3 minute video on

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