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Find the right colleges. There are specific strategies that can be employed and will drastically reduce the cost of college for a family. Certain colleges are looking for specific types of students. A college may not always be looking for the highest GPA or best athlete. It could simply be because the student is an Arizona resident. By positioning the student at these specific colleges, the likelihood of some form of a scholarship is greatly increased.

Examining the graduation rate (percentage of student who actually graduate) and the retention rate (percentage of students who attend a second year) are detrimental to your child college success. One particular college in California had a 26% graduation rate, while a college in MA boasts a graduation rate of 93%.

Essays, visiting (the right) colleges, SAT tests, ACT Test, applications, financial aid forms, timelines, deadlines, college selection, career selection, choosing a major, large campus populations, small schools, state or private colleges and universities, taking the right classes in high school, volunteer/charity hours, all of these aspects equate to “Student Positioning” .

Since our inception in 2007 we have helped over 1,200 families navigate the college planning process. We are registered with the Better Business Bureau as well as partnering with local community organizations.

Who we are not:

We are not affiliated with any college, university or other accredited institution. We have no interest other than to make sure you receive the most aid that you are entitled too and that your child selects the best college for him/her.

Review the testimonials and call us, you’ll be happy you did.



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