California college makes students cry, Twice!

April 2, 2009

Did you see the news last night? Had to pass this article on to all of you to show you another example of Colleges & their staff being on OVERLOAD.

They make mistakes, sometimes huge colossal mistakes.

Last year a college in New York made an enormous blunder. They handed out thousands of dollars of financial aid and when the IRS came knocking on their door, the New York University in Buffalo (I won't mention which one but you can figure it out). Anyway the college had to call back several hundred students who had to give back upwards of $12,000.00 of aid. Ouch!

Now another college in California is in the news because of their slip-up.

UCSD sent an email out to every student who applied with a note that said welcome to UCSD, even to those 29,000 students that received denial letters. This is a heart-wrenching slap in the face. First your child is out, now you are in, no you are really out.

Here is the link

This is the same in the Financial Aid Office and in the Admissions Office (as evidenced in the news article).

They are over-worked & under-manned.

They have Students doing Work-Study assisting in the Admissions & Financial Aid Offices.

Mistakes Do Happen, Consistently.

You must follow-up with them. You must stay on top of them.

Expect mistakes throughout the Process. is here to help.

J.D. Wyczalek (why-zall-ick)

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