900 Financial Aid Boot Camp


Plan on attending this BOOT CAMP session so that you understand the financial aid forms, FAFSA, CSS PROFILE and proprietary forms, what the process is, what things must happen and what happens after you click the submit button. You MUST attend if you have a high school senior. If you would like a jump start on understanding the process, you should attend if you have high school underclassmen.

What: This class covers the FAFSA form Line by Line and the CSS Profile and other Financial Aid Forms
When: Thursday September 10, 2020 6:00-8:00 PM
Where: Streaming Online via YouTube. (only live stream or recorded live stream options)
Who: all parents with high school seniors. This class is for the parents of high school seniors, every parent is welcome to attend. (student welcome, however students typically do not attend)
Cost: Free for clients, $97 for non clients. (Non Clients Please bring a check made out to AZ College Consulting)
Class Title: 900 FAFSA & Financial Aid Forms Class

I am a client (no charge)
I am not a current client $97

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Topics Include:

  • The number one website to avoid when filing financial aid and how many families get tricked into forking over additional cash.
  • What’s next in the college process, final college selection. Before you decide on a college, you need to know how to get the numbers to benefit you.
  • You may have already been admitted, now what?
  • FAFSA form, what is it and what needs to be done BEFORE you log into the website.
  • The CSS Profile financial aid form, for some schools if this form is not submitted, your child will not get any aid.
  • If you have money saved for college, having it in the wrong account can cost you 25% to 50% more.
  • The fastest way to file (financial aid is first come first serve) how to be the first ones in line. ( Some colleges have an 'early' scholarship just for getting the forms submitted before most families...)
  • According to the Department of Education, 75% of the financial aid forms are submitted with some kind of mistakes, avoid these mistakes by knowing the rules.
  • Any questions that you might have
  • Plus more

All your questions answered in one night! (All your college financial aid questions answered, no I can’t tell you what the next lotto numbers are or who is going to win the Superbowl, but I can tell you the BEST way to fill out the form to your advantage.)

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