225 Market/Promote Yourself to Colleges

Discover the Fundamentals to Properly Marketing and Promoting Yourself to Colleges Class.

Properly marketing, influencer or "selling" yourself to colleges increase your chances of admission and increase your chances of scholarships.

There are secret benefits and serendipities that are associated with properly marketing and selling yourself to colleges. It is essential that the student understand The Right Way to Pitch Yourself to a School.

Here is a story about my daughter. When we identified colleges, there was one school that popped up as her favorite. She then aggressively “marketed” herself to this college. The other college on her list was not marketed to properly. The result is college A offered her a very nice scholarship package. College B offered her a $1,000 teaser token scholarship. Both colleges were in the same price zone. College B’s thought process was to save the really good scholarships for the students that they really wanted to recruit.

Why did the first college offer her an exceptional scholarship package? Discover that in this class. *By the way, she was offered $19,600 in total which is much much better than a pittance $1,000. Some students have received 1/2 tuition, full tuition and the coveted Full Ride Plus by proper positioning and marketing.

What: This class covers marketing to colleges, how to get on a colleges radar and get on their good side, how to use influence to get admitted
When: Wednesday March 10, 2021 6:30 PM
Where: Steaming Online only
Who: all students and a parent (this will best benefit 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students)
Cost: Free for clients, $97 for non clients.
Class Title: 225 Influence

Market Yourself to Colleges - Class - Promote Yourself to Colleges



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