125 Launch into High School Summer Program for Middle Schoolers

125 Launch into High School Summer Program for Middle Schoolers

This class is specifically for students who will be entering high school Class of 2022.


This class was developed to meet the demands of highly selective colleges. For the past ten years as a college consultant helping students get admitted to top colleges, we have noticed a trend. Students who start on the process early have the best results. This process includes taking the SAT and ACT multiple times throughout high school, knowing which activities to participate in to boost the resume and the things to do NOW to get on a college’s radar. Doing these systematic steps will increase your child’s chances of getting admitted to the best school for them and increase your chances of obtaining an incredible scholarship package.

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During these three days we will discuss these topics

  1. Introductory, what colleges are looking for in a college candidate
  2. Club and activity selection to boost resumes (high quality academic resume), interactive discussion
  3. Intro to SAT and ACT test
  4. Strategies on How to study
  5. Marketing/Selling yourself to colleges – Why Demonstrated Interest is important and how to do it
  6. Get involved, how to be involved with the classroom discussion so that you can get a great recommendation letter
  7. Visiting colleges and writing the ‘Why this College’ essay
  8. Set up accounts on Khan Academy, CollegeBoard and ACTStudent [Laptop & Internet access needed]
  9. Self-Reflection & Assessment, how to put into action what you have learned over the last few days
  10. And much more


Each student will receive a binder full of information and tracking sheets to keep track of grades and college selection.

The purpose of this course is to help orientate students as they make the transition from Middle School/Junior High School to High School.

Upon conclusion of the classes, the students will have a broad understanding of the necessary actions needed to be admitted to colleges and a deeper understanding of the actions needed to procure better scholarship packages. The students will be given a binder with all the necessary materials, which includes the workbooks.

>> This is a ONE TIME EVENT and ONLY open to 14 students.

Requirements for this class are

  • The student must be entering the high school Class of 2022
  • The student must have the desire to have a successful high school career and boost all clubs, extracurricular activities, hobbies, community service, volunteerism, leadership and more with the goal to build an incredible resume to increase your child’s chances of getting into the best college for them.
  • A laptop is required for this class

Registration is required.  <Register Here>

  • What: 125 Launch into High School 
  • Who: ONLY new entering high school freshman Class of 2022
  • Where: Aquarium Room 14362 N. Frank Lloyd Wright, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  • When: June 18, 19 and 20, Monday-Wednesday 8AM to 12:00 noon
  • Class title: 125 Launch into High School
  • Cost: Free for clients and $497 for non-clients.
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