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  • What: Beat The Test Class, How to Beat the SAT, ACT, PSAT and other standardized test.
  • Who: All students who will be taking the SAT/ACT/PSAT and want to increase their scores
  • Where: Limited seating at my office 7025 N Scottsdale Rd #115, Scottsdale AZ 85253 or Online Streaming
  • When: Saturday TBA at 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
  • Class title: 100 Beat The Test Class
  • Cost: Free for clients and $97 for non-clients.

Seating is limited!

I am a client (no charge)
I am not a current client $97
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Here's the scoop: In December of 2009, I met Dr. Beasley. We got to chatting, and it turns out that he was taking 7th graders in his schools to take the SAT each year 7th graders, mind you!!! So, obviously, I wanted to know more. As we talked more, I realize that I had been looking for something like this for the entire time I have had my college planning office. Because for years, I've never really had a good answer to the question "Where should my kid go to prepare for the SAT or ACT?" And my answer was always, "Um....I don't really know, because they all seem to stink". And it's true. For every student that diligently went to one of the main companies (you know their names) that got in increase in their scores, it seems like two kids went and got decreases in their scores the next time they took the test. Well, Dr. Beasley's methods work quickly, efficiently, and almost effortlessly for one simple reason: he doesn't try to re-teach high school, like the 'other guys' do. He merely shows you how to score higher on the test by getting the right answer through a variety of simple methods. In fact I have used Dr. Beasley’s strategies with my own daughter and her scores went up over 130 point in one test alone! That increased score bumped her scholarship eligibility and she qualified for bigger scholarship dollars! Many of my students have used Dr. B's strategies, another student raised his ACT by an astonishing 5 point in less than 60 days!   Here are just a couple of points we'll cover:

  • The simple mistake on the reading comprehension and science sections that 97% of all students make and how to instantly overcome it to improve your score with no studying required;
  • The one technique that will have other students thinking your kid might be crazy (or homeless), but that will give their grammar scores an instant boost by activating 'that' part of their brain. Their friends may laugh now, but they'll be amazed when they see how much better your kid did than they did;
  • How to answer 89% of the math questions that seem to trip everybody up with 8 simple rules that do NOT require your student to even use a calculator. For instance, they'll learn 'the bikini rule' which will help them answer all fractions questions in seconds, and 7 other rules like the CRACK the safe rule, the POE rule, the PAW of averages rule, and the travel rule.
  • 6 rules for acing the reading and grammar portions of the essay, and the exact order to answer each section and question in.
  • And much, much more.
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